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One of the best hospitals ever seen in my opinion!

Greetings to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital ! I want to send this e-mail to all the nurses and doctors in "Ward 6B - International Ward" I am writing this e-mail in order to thank all the nurses and doctors who were looking after me with soooo much tender love and care during my stay at your hospital! special thanks to the patient nurses who sat there cleaning my wounds for hours and hours, i really appreciate it ! special thanks to Alongkorn Chutinan, M.D. for all the help, also with the medical report and the burocratical stuff ! Well i don't know if you still remember me. i had an accident with a motorcycle and had to stay at your hospital for a few days (20th - 22nd of may). the nurses and doctors were so extraordinarily well-caring it was amazing and my wounds made a lot of progress towards recovery while staying at your hospital, one of the best hospitals ever seen in my opinion ! i have to add, that my personal doctor here at home was amazed by the great work you all have done for me ! my wounds are doing great.... Thanks a lot for everything !!!

p.s. i have added a picture of myself in your hospital t-shirt "souvegnir" :) yours,

Testimonial from gidl .z