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The manner is which all is completed in such a short time.

In response to the below article I would like to let you know that I personally experienced what is said in the article about the UK hospitals and the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. I have obtained treatments at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital several times while on holiday and found everything listed regarding the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital to be true. The same applies for one of its sister hospitals Bangkok General Hospital. I am also sure there are many other hospitals in Thailand offering a similar service. 

(I grew up in Scotland and have personally experienced the UK medical situations you refer to. I now live in the USA and have for many years now. I am currently experiencing a waiting time of 2 to 3 months to see a Specialist for an initial office visit in the USA. I will say however, that from my past experiences that the waiting time for test results is only a matter of a few days in most situations in the USA, rarely does it take weeks).

In Thailand, I obtain a complete and I must say thorough Annual Physical that includes, full blood work Glucose, Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Creatinine, PSA, ALT, ALP, AST, etc, etc., A Urine test, Chest X-ray, EKG, Ultrasound, Upper GI series, Stress Test etc. and it all gets completed in about 3 or 4 hours for $ 300 USD or so, lots of Physical test options are less money. It also includes each of the results being explained in detail to you by one of the Doctors. As I said, you have many options and can request that specific test(s) be added or deleted from any of the packages that they offer. You also receive copies of the results in a small plastic booklet. (You can have copies of the X-rays and certain other tests/procedures put on CD or DVD for you at no extra cost if you like. Copies of the EKG printouts are provided if you wish). Normally I go the 1st morning after I arrive in Thailand, around 7:30 - 08:00 am or so and before Noon time I am back at the hotel or on the beach and ready to start my VACATION / HOLIDAY.

I have about 10 of those booklets now, I can compare the results from year to year, at anytime I want. It is better than just hearing that everything looks normal, or your Cholesterol is a little high etc,. I have taken the booklets to my doctor in the USA who is amazed at your services, the costs !!! and the manner is which all is completed in such a short time.

I recently, July 08, had a Colonoscopy done at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. The Dr. and the staff were absolutely wonderful, as are all the other Dr's. Nurses and Staff at both hospitals. It is such a pleasure to go somewhere and receive medical services with such politeness, dignity and TRUE kindness. THANK YOU one and all.

I also have personally experienced going to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital for a specific test / X-ray etc. and by the time I return form the test / X-ray area (a matter on minutes) the Dr. already has the results on the screen on his computer and is able to show me and explain the results.

I, for one have recommended your services and I am sure there are countless others who have recommended or brought their family and or friends to receive the medical services at your facilities. I personally have brought about 8-10 friends from the USA who have received and continue to receive your medical services. They too are also AMAZED and extremely satisfied.

I was just at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital 2 weeks ago for several minor treatments and I will be back again in July 09 for my full annual check up.

For anyone spending several thousand USD to go to Thailand for a Vacation / Holiday adding a couple of hundred dollars more and receiving a truly rewarding Medical Experience is really worth it. The peace of mind knowing that what you probably should have done years ago is finally done. Also, quite often most if not all of the expenses I incur are reimbursed to me by my Insurance Company here in the USA !!!


Best Wishes for your continued success.

Testimonial from R. K. Wyman USA