This month has World Heart Day. I know that there are all sorts of “world” days for us to celebrate such as “World Three Legged Water Spaniel Day” and “World Elephant Dancing Day”, but other than World No Smoking Day, nothing comes close to the significance of World Heart Day.
Neurological diseases occur in various forms and manifestations and an accurate diagnosis requires not only trained staff but sophisticated equipment too. Our neuron diagnostics services are performed with advanced technology to obtain a correct result.

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This is October, with the “octo” part relating to eight, like ‘octagon’ the eight sided shape. However, October is actually the tenth month of the year in our calendars.
One of my favorite messages goes : “A fence at the top of the cliff is better than an ambulance at the bottom!”
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Overweight… When weight gain becomes a health problem. Diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, back pain… Tried to diet, exercise and pills, but the weight does not come off.
Circumcision…How necessary? To allow the foreskin to retract when the child is older stopping local infection or urinary tract infection. Convenience of cleaning, Religious rules.
You would always choose the best for your children's health...
Open a new perspective on life Visibility without limitation Clear and suitable for every activity

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