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Breast cancer Quick Detection and Curable

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Chance of cure is as high as 90% *if detected early and receiving proper treatment

If you have following of these symptoms

    • Lumps in the breast, armpits
    • The breast skin has dimples, cellulite skin, chronic wound
    • Breast, nipples, shape change
    • Discharges from nipple
    • Inverted nipple, chronic wound

10 people die from breast cancer every day 

20 Start breast self-examination after 20 years old 

35 Start Mammograms from the age of 35 years old

40 Have Mammogram annually after 40 years old

*Source: Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross

Found abnormal symptom in the breast? You should consult a specialist doctor

For more information, contact Breast Center Tel. 0 3825 9999

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