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Evolution of love

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The evolution of love will have positive thoughts toward its society. By contrast, if the baby is poorly treated, it will almost certainly have negative thoughts toward society and people around him or her. In addition, such emotions cause discomfort within the baby’s mind and loss of trust in people. This may lead to personality problems for that child in the future.

Love in childhood is formed by persistently learning and social recognition. During this period, children ought to be taught the rules of daily life and morals. Therefore, they can gain the ability to control themselves emotionally and follow the rules of society, respect other people’s rights, and not to cause trouble to others in society.
Girls grow up faster than boys, with the age of puberty for girls starting around 10 years of age. You can see the girls studying in grade 3 or 4 may play with the boys without being shy, however, by the time they are in grade 5, some of them may feel shy and refuse to play with the boys as they previously did. The boys begin puberty when they are 12 years of age of older. During this period, many of them will experience their first love story.

Based on the above information, the parents may feel worried about the ‘puppy love’ of their children because their sexual development is also happening. The child will become interested in the opposite sex, love to be with friends, become hot headed, refuse to adhere to all the rules, and all the other problems associated with ‘growing up’

It is good for parent to prepare themselves for the behavioral changes of their children when they are going through puberty. You don’t have to worry very much or give too much advice because you may endanger the good relationship between you and your child. You do better to look after them, be their friend, give good advice, or talk with them about interesting topics. You can probably give them an example to help them understand. Plus, your child will understand and love you too, because they trust and want to share their views with you. For parents who feel nervous when thinking about talking with their children or don’t know how to start, please see a specialist for a proper consultation.

This helps produce a warm ambiance within your family and prevent your children from having problems.

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