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Are you too fat? Too fat? Too fat?

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Fat all over?  Or just certain areas?

Tried dieting?  But it didn’t work?

Told you are what you eat, but you didn’t change you into a lettuce leaf.

Had “puppy fat” in your childhood?  But didn’t grow out of it?

Tried jogging but got sore knees?

Joined a gymnasium but decided you didn’t look good in lycra?

Thought about surgery, but then stopped thinking when you found the costs involved?

If you are in any of the situations above, then the first option you should look at is Liposuction.

Simply put, Liposuction is the removal by suction of excess fat from under the skin.  When the fat cells are gone, they do not get replaced, so you immediately look thinner.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya can carry out a specialized type of Liposuction during which nominated fatty areas are selected for the Vaser Liposuction process.  You can reshape your body safely with better results.

This type of surgery will be performed by a highly experienced surgeon in a sterile operating room with anesthesiologist and anesthesiology nurse in attendance.

Vaser liposuction works by using ultrasonic waves to separate important tissues from fat cells which protect those tissues from damage resulting in less pain, less swelling and less bruising.

Because the ultrasonic waves work below the skin, the skin maintains its original condition by constant frequency suction technology (Smooth Technology), increasing effectiveness in eliminating fat in small areas and reducing the problem of wavy skin.

After the procedure, you have one-night in-patient under medical surveillance to ensure the post-operative conditions are normal.

Pre-operation consultation with the doctor is necessary to make sure you understand the procedure and the doctor understands your requested body shape.

For more information, please contact Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Center 


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