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Benefits of Motiva silicone

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Benefits of Motiva silicone

  1. The elasticity of the Motiva silicone makes it more like natural breast tissue
    motiva implant
  2. The shell surface developed through Nano Texture which lies between smooth and textured surfaces
    motiva exam
  3. Reduce the risk of capsular contracture and gel fracture
    motiva implant1
  4. Make a natural look with the variety of shapes and size of the implants
    motiva implant01motiva implant3
  5. The Q Inside Safety Technology - the world first FDA cleared RFID micro-transponder that allows healthcare providers to securely and accurately identify breast implant information from outside of the body, like implants’ size, shape and serial number. Q Inside Safety Technology™ with Ergonomix® Implants (with micro-transponder in size 12 mm.) will enables the traceability of unique information that is to be retrieved externally from the breast implants
    motiva implant4

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