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Multi Well Slimming

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Multiwell Slimming Machines

The complete 5-machine Slimming Concept

The MultiWell® Concept is a holistic approach to slimming, body-shaping and well-being programmes. Cellulite affects between 80-90% of women and is recognised by the dimpled, uneven appearance of the skin of the buttocks, abdomen and thighs. To effectively treat cellulite it needs to be categorised into the correct stage of severity.

All stages of cellulite can be treated as the MultiWell® Concept relies on a multi faceted strategy and not a single treatment protocol. Stage 1 being the beginning stage, up to stage 4, the most severe stage. This enables the therapist to apply a unique combination of techniques as the MultiWell® Consept offers everyone a custom made program.

Your individualised programme will be determined by scientific information provided by clinical, accurate measurements. Your progress will further be measured by continuously assessing the evolution of your results.

By combining these 5-steps, you will achieve long lasting results.