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Can you predict your health status in the future?

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Can you predict what your health will be like in the next five years? No?
That makes it difficult, however, we can at least give you a good understanding of what is coming health wise and advice on lifestyle to get you fit and keep you fit!

We do this by comparing your results from check-ups, looking for trends that are leading to a dangerous situation for you. We can also look at all the members of your family using our Happy Family package.

The guiding principle behind check-ups is to find deviations from normal health patterns at an early stage. Early enough that the trend can be reversed, before damage has occurred. Examples of this include Blood Pressure (BP), as high BP can affect many organs in the body, not just the heart. But an elevated BP generally gives no warning symptoms.

Another example is blood sugar. Again, it requires sky-high sugar levels before the person begins to feel that something might be wrong. And by then the sugar levels have affected vision, the vascular system and many other systems, all of which can decrease your future Quality of Life. Amputation of a limb is a common result of unchecked blood sugar levels.

Cardiac conditions and abnormalities, be that in anatomy or function, can also very adversely affect your Quality of Life, but are very easily found during a routine check-up. Various blood tests and an EKG can show just how well the cardiac pump is functioning, and also how well it will continue to function in the future. The inability to walk more than 50 meters certainly takes the fun out of shopping, yet this can be predicted – if you have some serial records!
Your family depends on your health. Do something today.




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