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Is this you?

  • Cigarette smoker?
  • Overweight?
  • High cholesterol>?
  • Blood pressure creeping up?
  • No exercise - Couch potato?
  • Blood sugar elevated?
  • Irregular heart beat (pulse)?

If I were to grade those factors, what do you think is Number 1?

Hands up all those who said Cigarette smoking! You are correct.

Last year more than 62,000 people died in Thailand from heart disease. Many of the deaths were unexpected but if you are a cigarette smoker, perhaps it won’t be a surprise!

The sad side of heart disease is that many of the factors are correctable by your doctor and the remaining ones by yourself. However, you must know what to look for. Simple tests such as cholesterol. This compound has been incriminated in heart disease for over 50 years, initially in the Framingham Study of 1961, which is still collecting information on heart disease. High cholesterol is not good for you, but it can be checked and reduced by medication.

How is your Blood Pressure (BP)? Every time you have a consultation with one of our doctors your BP is measured. Why? Because high BP is bad for you and one of the organs affected is the heart. High BP can be treated.

How is your weight? Put on a few kilos over the years I imagine. Being Overweight is under your control. Our dietician can help you here. Any diabetics in your family? Do you know what your sugar level is? A simple blood test can show if you are at risk.

What are you going to do if you find you have an irregular pulse? Ignore it?

Our Heart Center can advise you. Now is the time to investigate the risk factors in your lifestyle. Let us advise you with a health package tailored for you.



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