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Technique or bypass graft surgery without the use of heart-lung machine but with local cardiac stabilizer ( Picture I ) has been re-introduced in the last six years, and now comprising approximately 25-30% of all coronary artery bypass surgery worldwide. One of the goals of beating heart surgery is to eliminate the complications associated with use of cardiopulmonary bypass ( heart-lung machine ). These complications even are small and occurred only about 2-3% could be serious problem. These include pulmonary ( lung ) insufficiency, transient renal failure ( kidney ), stroke and the failure of appropriate blood clotting.

Moreover, the advantages of Off-Pump surgery are;

  • Requires less blood transfusion,
  • Shorter operating time, less time on the breathing machine,
  • Less ICU time and length of hospital stay,
  • Suitable for general patients especially the elderly, high risk patients or patients with multiple co-morbidity.

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