• Heart Center (Cardiology)

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Cardiac rehabilitation center

Cardiac Rehabilitation Center provides full line services to take care of and treatment with a team of specialists. We utilize state-of-treatment equipment to improve the functioning of the heart and help to adjust behavior to lower the risk of cardiac diseases and create better quality of life.

The rehabilitation services are;

  • Provide consultation for exercise, how to behave when you have heart disease and how to control risk factors by team of specialists.
  • Provide individual exercise regimes.
  • Provide a directly plan supplied by our expert dietician.
  • Provide a weight-control program.
  • Provide group activities to promote cardiac wellness.
  • Provide follow-up consultation for at least a year afterwards to ensure adherence to a better.

The services provided by cardiologist and modern equipment are;

  • Provide the ECG ( electrocardiogram ) continuously.
  • Monitor the pulse and oxygen level throughout the exercise period.
  • Provide the modern and safe exercise equipment for cardiac patients.
  • Provide sophisticated resuscitation devices and personnel team.

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