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Snoring, a threat to sleep, Do you get ‘quality’ sleep?

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Snoring, a threat to sleep, Do you get ‘quality’ sleep?, If you do not have enough sleep, these can happen...

Digestive system disorders, Diabetes, Skin problem, Hypertension, Memory or neurology system decline, Low immunity, Sexual dysfunction, Overweight or obese
Do not let a sleep problem become a chronic issue, To check your sleep quality, consult our doctor

Symptoms of poor sleep quality
Before bed time: Difficulty falling asleep *itchy skin around the legs and body

During sleep:

  • Recurrent wakening
  • Snoring – loud snore, light snore, continuous snore, interrupted snore
  • Choking during sleep
  • Go to toilet more than 1 time per night
  • Frequent movement of body and restless legs during sleep
  • Nightmares, action dreams
  • Grinding teeth

Waking up:

  • Wake up with dry mouth and throat
  • Wake up with lightheaded feeling
  • Wake up feeling depressed

Comorbid disorders:

  • Neurology system: dementia, forgetfulness, seizures, headaches, abnormal movements
  • Cardiovascular system: heart attack, arrhythmia, abnormal coronary arteries
  • Gastrointestinal system, acid reflux, indigestion
  • Urinary and reproductive systems: decreased sexual dysfunction, premature birth, low birth weight
  • Glaucoma

In Children:

  • Problems in learning and behavior disorders such as attention deficit (ADD), hyperactivity, aggression, bed-wetting

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