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Dreaming is part of LIFE!


Do you believe that dreaming is important to your life? It doesn’t mean day dreaming. But this means a real dream during you are asleep.

Dreaming is a part of sleep staging. Normally, human have 3 sleep stages comprising of 45-55% light sleep, 15-20% deep sleep, and 20-25% REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

Dreaming occurs in every stages of sleep with different contents and etiologies. During REM sleep with dreaming, the brain produces memory of learning process memory in multiple talents and autonomic function.

For instance, learning to adjust heart rate and blood pressure in numerous situations same as the story of dream occurs.

Dreaming tends to be mixed in between some strange and confusing stories which you might remember or have no ability to recall it.

In average of 50% of dream content comes from your persistent memory and the background emotions. But around 15% of dream content, you can manipulate! Many sport people and musicians choose dreams to increase their performances.

No dreaming or having a lower percentage of dreaming or REM sleep are the warning sign of brain dysfunction or some systemic disorders.

Dreamlessness, fewer dreams, or a surfeit of dreams require further evaluation! Don’t let these common symptoms continue without management to preserve your brain and systemic functions.

Our Sleep specialist is ready to discuss and give you the advice for further proper management.

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