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Orthopedic Center

The Orthopedics Center is putting emphasis on the care analysis and treatment of injuries or illness to bone, orthopedic trauma, muscle tissue, sports injuries, hand and feet problems, deformities etc. Our team of certified orthopedic specialists and nurses are ready to serve you with the best care every day.

Nucleoplasty is a procedure name used to describe a disc decompression performed using medical technology to ablate and remove tissue in the nucleus pulposus of the disc. Because tissue removal is achieved by inserting a small needle together with local anesthetic, damage to surrounding tissue is minimized. Nucleoplasty is also less expensive than the actual operation.

Minimally Invasive Surgery(MIS) (wound size => 3-5 centimeters long) is done by using Fluoroscopic X-ray C-Arm examinations to identify ailment position. This could be carried out only by physicians specially trained in fluoroscopic diagnostic procedures, like radiologists and other specialists, and qualified radiographers. In some cases, minimally invasive surgery is done by using microscope so the nerve can be clearer viewed and damages to surrounding tissue is minimized.

Other services include:
  • Total Knee Arthroplasty
  • Total Hip Arthroplasty
  • Lumbar discectomy
  • Lumbo-Sacral Spine Decompression
  • Lumbo-Sacral Spine Fusion
  • Cervical Spine Fusion
  • Mitchell Osteotomy
  • Dupuytren contracture release
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Release
  • Tennis Elbow Release
  • De Quervain's Tenosynovitis release
  • Trigger Finger Release
  • Carpal Ganglion
  • Knee Arthroscopy for ACL
  • Knee Arthroscopy for PCL
  • Knee Arthroscopy for Meniscectomy
  • Knee Arthroscopy Debridement for OA
  • Shoulder Arthroscopic Decompression
  • Shoulder Arthroscopic Rotator Repair
  • Spinal diagnosis and Treatment

Endoscopic Lumbar Decompression, Badreya