• Royal Pearl Anti-Aging Center

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At the Royal Pearl anti-aging center, we are offering customized functional medical services that are based on well-established updated studies combined with holistic approaches. We are dedicated to help you achieve your best health and quality of life.

We specialize in prescription of individualized vitamins, antioxidant, and wellness programs for both men and women. We can also design your nutritional and micronutrient needs in order to maintain optimum body performance.

Our cutting-edge laboratory tests will provide you with the deep and focused information of how your body is functioning at the particular times. The lab tests include:
  • Vitamin and micronutrient panelsVitamin and micronutrient panels
  • Free radicals testing for anti-oxidant
  • Testing for heavy metals
  • Testing for food intolerance
  • Testing for DNA damage
  • DNA diet and fitness profile
  • DNA cancer hotspot test

We believe that your body function is unique, so the treatments must be designed for you and you only. Let us show you the treatment options today!