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Two severe cancers of women

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Two severe

Now we are in the month of August, and in this month, the most important day was Mother’s Day. For all children, you should be a good child for your mother, and do not forget to take care of your mother’s health.

Two important conditions of women are breast cancer and cervical cancer, but luckily, right now we have vaccines against one of these. This is a success story of the medical society to protect people from these conditions. The vaccines can reduce the risk of cancer by up to 70-80 percent.

Cervical cancer is caused by HPV infection (Human Papilloma Virus), which is often found in women aged between 45-55 years. The preliminary symptoms of cervical cancer are smelly excessive white discharge (leucorrhea) and vaginal bleeding. The patient in this stage may feel pain around the lower abdomen. The medical diagnostic test used at present is the Thin Prep pap smear. From this diagnostic test, the abnormal cells will be evident. Women should have an annual check-up to catch cervical cancer even there may be no physical signs of the condition.

For breast cancer, according to medical statistics, this condition has taken second place in the list of fatal conditions of women. This cancer can be diagnosed by Mammogram technology. Even though this cancer may be in its first stage, The Mammogram can indicate the abnormal area.

Women are also advised to check their own breasts regularly, both feeling for lumps and observing the size and shape of their breasts. For example, an abnormal depressed or swollen area of the skin over that area turning red. If you find these symptoms, please see a doctor as soon as possible to have treatment and advice.

Breast cancer check-up by the Mammogram method is now considered as one of the most effective ways to diagnose breast cancer. Mammogram technology will check for abnormal cells by X-ray, which can indicate the area before the abnormal cells become cancerous.

The American Cancer Institute suggests women aged up to 40 years have a Mammogram check-up every two years, and women aged more than 50 should have a Mammogram check once a year.

We can diagnose these cancers early, before it is too late, and reduce the risk by selecting good and nutritious food and by always having exercise, plus always having a medical check-up every year.

Do not forget that we currently have vaccines against cervical cancer.

For further information, please contact Women’s Health Center. Contact Center 1719


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