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What should you know before filler injection?

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filler injection

Filler injection is a popular cosmetic treatment used to smooth out unwanted wrinkles, fuller lips, cheeks augmentation or volume restoration and enhancement, including skin rejuvenation.  They are also used to treat pitted scars in the skin, usually on the face.

The filler treatment session takes about 15 minutes to improve your appearance. However, most injectable fillers have a temporary effect, because over time they are absorbed by the body.

Before deciding to have a procedure using injectable fillers, recommended that:

  • Seek a dermatologist who is trained to perform the filler injection procedure.
  • Know the type of fillers being used and all possible side effects.
  • Ask for the safe product, FDA approved injectable fillers.
  • Accept realistic expectations about the benefits you want to achieve. Discuss the amount of filling effects that you expect and the amount of filling effects that your doctor expects to be able to achieve based on your situation.
  • To perform every cosmetic treatment should be avoided during pregnancy, breast feeding or in patients under 18 years of age.

For good results select a reputable health center to achieve your satisfaction as good hygiene helps prevent possible complications.

By Dr. Sureeporn Sritangrattanakul, MD., Bangkok Hospital Pattaya