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“Don't Let an Allergy turn into Sinusitis”

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Allergic Rhinitis or weather allergy is commonly found in Thailand and it can be in people of all ages. Allergens are substances that are foreign to the body and can cause the allergic reaction. Immunoglobulin E (IgE) is part of the allergic reaction when we inhale. As the result, some cells are inside the nose react to Histamine and Prostaglandin which are the cause of nasal obstruction, nasal congestion and other symptoms. Chronic Allergic Rhinitis can be an annoying can make you feel annoyed because sinuses are complication.

Sinuses are hollow spaces in the bone around the nose that connect to the nose through small, narrow channels. When the lining inside the nose swells and inflamed, this can be the cause of infection in the sinus cavities. Sinus symptoms are headache and greenish discharge. Sometimes, mucus occurs in the throat. The patient may have an earache and tinnitus because of otitis media. If the patient has chronic symptoms and a ruptured eardrum lymphatic fluid may be found from the ear.

Correct treatment can decrease the intensity of sinusitis. If you are not sure if you have just a common cold, allergy or sinusitis you should seek diagnosis and treatment to avoid serious complications.