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‘Check - Find - Treat!’Test your Liver with Fibroscan!

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Your Liver is an important organ used in fat-burning, digesting and absorbing vital nutrients and in eliminating toxins from the body. Pollution, stress and nutrition imbalance and long term antibiotic intake can damage your liver.

Liver Function

  • It produces essential nutrients such as Albumin which is important in stopping edema (swelling of the feet, legs and tummy.
  • It produces Bile (or Gall) and Sodium Glycocholate to digest fats. If tour feces change from yellow to white, it indicates not enough bile.
  • It sustains energy like Glucose and Vitamins
  • It is the main organ producing energy for the body. Weakness and fatigue can occur when the liver is not functioning properly.
  • It eliminates waste from the body. That includes alcohol, caffeine or toxins.
  • It is where blood cells sit to capture and kill bacteria.

Your Liver is a very important organ!
Fibroscan uses a new technology to diagnosis liver disease. The result is very accurate so the treatment can begin early before the damage is too great!

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