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Annual Medical Check-up

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Today, people are exposed to pollution which may cause illnesses. Some conditions, such as heart attacks, cancer, brain disease, give no warning symptoms but progress continuously. By the time symptoms are experienced the disease may already be incurable. However, an annual medical check-up is one way to catch these disease processes early, to avoid later conditions and keep yourself in good condition

An annual medical check-up is comprised of many medical tests including:-

  • CBC (complete blood count) the measurement of the concentration of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets in the blood. This check can help the doctor find abnormalities such as anemia, white blood cell cancer, etc.
  • Blood glucose test used to show a possibility of developing diabetes. This check can warn patients to change of control their eating habits, so that problems caused by diabetes may not occur.
  • Cholesterol and Triglyceride test the measurement of fats in the blood will point to arterial disease, high blood pressure and brain stroke possibilities.
  • Kidney check-up. Measurement of BUN and Creatinine levels (substances which are excreted by the kidneys) to show how well the kidneys are functioning.
  • Liver check-up. Measurement of liver enzymes to find abnormalities occurring in the liver, and the measurement of Protein and Bilirubin levels to check for jaundice possibilities.
  • Cancer possibility check covers many types of cancers such as gastro-intestinal cancer, cervical cancer, prostate gland cancer, and others.
  • Chest X-Ray this check can demonstrate the possibility of T.B., pulmonary emphysema, lung tumors, heart disease and blood vessel abnormalities.

Additionally, abdominal ultrasound, heart function tests and hearing capacity tests can be added as extra-check items. Finally, the secret of longevity is to eat nutritious food and always exercise to remain fit. So please do not wait until disease occurs. Just take a little time to have an annual medical check, then you can and will have a happy, long life.