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Operations for Heart Disease: Getting rid of the pain factor

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Heart disease is one of the conditions that frightens most people. However, the treatment for heart disease is no longer as complicated as it was in the past. With the development of medical and surgical techniques along with Thai doctors who are specialists in this area, the operation is now simplified and less hazardous. Now the ‘pain factor’ is not so great with an operation which takes less time and leaves a much smaller scar.

When we used to talk about operations for heart disease, this was a major procedure involving risk and pain. In the past, the operation involved cutting open the chest, then cutting the ribs to provide access to the heart. Consequently, the surgical incision was large running from the pharynx area to the xiphoid area (around 25-30 cm.). After the operation, the patient experienced pain and had to rest about two months till the ribs repaired. Now, with today’s treatment, the wound from the operation is just 4-5 cm. long. However, for this to be the case, it required specialist surgeons and specialized instruments and equipment for this type of “mini” surgery, which takes only 1-2 hours.

Other advantages are that generally the patients do not need blood transfusions and ribs do not need to be resected. Recovery takes only a few weeks, after which they can exercise or drive a car. Using this newer surgical technology, Thai doctors can repair aortic valves, and even carry out heart bypass operations through the small incision. In conclusion, heart disease is no longer the fearful condition that it once was because of the new surgical technical advances.