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Trauma Center

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One department in the hospital which deals with Life and Death is the Trauma Center. Trauma care is not something you can put off till tomorrow. If you are in need of critical care, you need a Center that is available 24 hours a day. We are, and ready for you.

Any Trauma Center needs specialists and we have Critical Care Medical specialists, doctors and nurses using advanced medical technology to ensure that our critical condition patients will be treated in a timely manner with the highest standard of care.

With Road Accident Trauma being unfortunately all too prevalent, our Trauma Center is geared up to provide an effective critical care system at the scene and in the transfer to the hospital.

Our doctors and nurses are prepared to take care of patients from the emergency scene during the transfer to the hospital with our international standard resuscitation equipment providing our patients with the optimum life-saving treatment. This includes Fast-track cardiac care for patients with heart disease, or Fast-track stroke and in emergency situations.

For the Trauma Center to function efficiently, it is necessary to get the patients to the Center as quickly as possible. The Mobile ICU and CCU ambulances have on-board doctors who can start definitive treatment using the oxygen supply and suction equipment, blood pressure monitoring, saline drips, electrocardiogram, defibrillator and emergency medicines, etc. Our rescue team of doctors and nurses will give primary treatment to the patients as if they were in the hospital’s emergency room.

Problems at sea are covered by the fully equipped Hydrolance taking only 15 minutes from Koh Larn to Bali Hai Pier.

Air transport is directed to our approved Helipad on the roof of E Building. The patient transfer service via helicopter is available 24 hours a day.

The Trauma Center is the hub for emergency transport and treatment. We hope you never need us, but if you do, we are here and we are ready.