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Intelligence Quotient Test for Children

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Intelligence Quotient, or IQ, can indicate the intelligence of a person when compared with people of the same age, including the way of thinking, working methods, abnormalities or special mental abilities.

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children or WISC is a well known test and used widely in hospitals and school throughout the world, to evaluate the intelligence of children from 6 years old up to the age of 16. Testing should be carried out by an expert psychologist in a non-threatening environment, at which the child is first put at his or her ease.

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children III (WISC III) separates both Verbal and Performance testing. Verbal Testing can assess the ability in communication, speaking, language skill including problem solving, and auditory learning. The normal Verbal Test looks at general knowledge, mathematical calculation, and immediate problem solving. Performance Testing can assess ability to accept information input from visual stimuli, and ability to follow commands to solve problems. The Performance Test includes finding missing parts of pictures, picture arrangement in order of events and jigsaw puzzles.

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children III (WISC III) Test will show the level of intelligence numerically, or IQ Scale and can show depth of detail in Verbal Intelligence and Performance Intelligence. Average IQ is considered to be between 90-109. An IQ above 109 indicates superior intelligence, whilst below 90 indicates a level of intelligence lower than the average for the population.
We find in the first five years of childhood, children will develop their intelligence very quickly. After that the development generally reaches a plateau until adult life. However, the development of intelligence continues through adult life, the development of intelligence continues through adult life, right through to old age. During this time, much depends on daily activity. People who are active mentally will maintain their IQ better than people who do not use their mental faculties.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya provides Wechsler Intelligence Scale III (WISC III) testing for children between 6-16 years old. If you would like to have your child’s IQ assessed, simply make an appointment at the Pediatric Specialty Center, on 038 259 999.