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Behavior Development and Speech Training in children

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Speech Training in children
Speech problems in Babies and Small Children
These problems can be observed by the mother, such as slow development in speech, slurred speech or children who do not speak. To get an accurate description, the mother should consult a Speech Therapy specialist to assist and correct these defects:
1. Language Problems
Language problems are common children. These include delayed language development. It can be observed in the child who cannot follow orders or those that only do this occasionally. The children in this group may exhibit behavioral problems such as bad temper, impatience, being quick-tempered or liable to fits of rage when they cannot get what they want. These three problems can occur simultaneously.
2. Behavioral Problems
Behavioral problems are often issues which affect a child’s learning especially preschoolers. Development of children at this age can be very fast, therefore helping children to develop their potential even at this age is essential.
3. Speaking Problems
   Children with impairments, such as cleft lip and palate, a tethered tongue or hearing loss. Such conditions cause speech symptoms, such as slurred or slow speech.
Children without proper motivation or lack of opportunity to speak, such as when a parent or minder lets the children only watch television. The child does not need to communicate and this will eventually result in the child not speaking 
or speaking slowly. Children with slurred speech or unable to reproduce tones or even stuttering may ensue.
This may be due to the lack of an accurate speech model, hearing poor pronunciation from a minder so the children will also intone incorrectly.
Children with cognitive disabilities, including children with autism, concentration disorders or mental retardation. Most of these children have difficulty in speaking. The main problem encountered in this group of children is the delay of the development of the language and the inability to interact with friends in the same age.
The services of Speech Therapy 
  • Assessment, counseling, recommending training methods for both children and adults with speech, language and behavioral problems by providing assistance in both Thai and the English language.
  • Guidance in language training programs for parents to allow the children to practice at home.
  • Evaluation of speech and stimulation of the oral sensorimotor training by experts.
  • Hearing rehabilitation in adult patients.
  • Behavioral training by experts who have certificated behavior modification qualifications (BCBA, USA).
Mothers can take their children for an evaluation of speech and language training programs at the hospital or in rare cases, a Home Program can be prepared for the child to practice at home with supervision by the clinic
Please ask for more details at the Hearing Speech Balance Tinnitus Center