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Looking after “her indoors”!

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If you come from the UK you will understand the reference to “her indoors”.  An often used name for one’s wife.

Unfortunately, very often wives tend to be overlooked in the health stakes.  The husband, the provider, is looked after with check-up package specials, but the home-maker (in most cases younger and probably fitter) is forgotten.

Well, we’ve done something about that with our “Happy Family” packages, where the cost of the package covers two people, and at the price of THB 4,700, that makes for a real bargain for both of you!

Go on – admit it – you spill more than that in the course of a year!

What we have also done, is to discount add-on items if you have bought one of the Happy Family plans.  For example, the PSA for Dad is B. 840 instead of the usual B. 1,200 and for Mama the digital mammogram with Tomosynthesis is B. 2,960 as opposed to the regular B. 3,700.  There are many other offers from the Brain Center, Rehabilitation Center, Eye Center and Child Health Center as well as Exercise Stress tests and more from the Heart Center.

By the way, the “Happy Family” does not need to be of the nuclear variety, as any couple is eligible, so grab the next door neighbor and come on in!  (Joking!  Joking!)

It is always worthwhile having a check-up and catching things early (Diabetes and Hypertension are high on the list of “silent” conditions) and now you can spread that good news to someone else.

This offer lasts until May 31, so do it today, rather than be disappointed on June 1.