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Ladies Night – Buy One Get One Free

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Ladies Night

A few years ago, passers-by on the Amari end of Beach Road, were regaled with a large sign outside one of the eating places.  It read, “Wednesdays - Ladies Night – Buy One, Get One Free!”  To add to the red faces, the Pattaya Mail published a photograph of the salacious sign!

There is of course, another Buy One Get One Free situation in Pattaya and that refers to the number of ‘eligible’ ladies with one child hanging around their (grandmother’s) ankles!  Buy one wife and get one child free!

But it doesn’t end there.  My hospital has another Buy One Get One Free promotion as well, but called “Pay for one but get two” – but this one only lasts till the end of the month.

The promotion refers to Check-Up packages, which extends the coverage offered by having a check-up from just one (yourself) to another as well (usually your partner).  Pay for one but get two!

These are also other benefits in this promotion, as many procedures can then be purchased at a discount.  These include Exercise Stress tests (B. 2,000 instead of B. 3,500), Colonoscopy (B. 15,000 instead of B. 25,000) and Bone density (B. 2,900 instead of B. 3,700) for example.

It is always worthwhile having a check-up and catching things early (Diabetes and Hypertension are high on the list of “silent” conditions) and now you can spread that good news to someone else.

However, no good thing lasts for ever, and you have to pay for this promotion before the end of May.  It’s worth it!