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New Year’s Resolutions


Isn’t it a wonderful time of the year as we roar into 2014 – or crawl into 2014, much of which depends upon how well you looked after yourself in 2013.

Well, we can’t undo the past, but we are all in the position to do something about our futures.

This is where the New Year Resolutions come in. The commonest resolution is to lose weight, especially after the excesses of Xmas and New Year parties. Xmas chocolates and prosecco are certainly not low in calories! 40 percent of New Year resolutions is just from that – Lose some weight!

Would you like to hazard a guess on how many people actually achieve their resolutions? Eight percent, is the official number! Not too good!

Now one of the reasons that people fail with their resolutions (like 92 percent) is that they make their resolution so vague that it becomes too easy to break them. Going back to the “lose weight” resolution, you have to be much more specific. Try this - No fries, fast foods and sodas for two months! With this resolution, there is a detailed plan to reduce calorie intake and a cut-off date. That makes it “do-able”.

And here is another way to keep you in the weight loss program – make a public announcement through the social media networking and check in weekly allowing everyone to see your goal and encourage you on the way.

Losing weight is an excellent resolution, but there is another just as important, if not more so – and that is to stop smoking. The resolution should read, Give Up smoking on (your chosen day).

Again yes, inform the social networks and give up on your chosen date, and share your trials, cravings and wins with others.

With those two resolutions, you will have increased your chances of an improved Quality of Life when you reach retirement.