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Heart Health Exercise

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Everyone has the same strong heart when we were born. Good inherit person has less risk to heart disease when time goes by. Heart disease inheritor whose behavior is risk to heart disease has more chance of being heart disease patient.

Researchers have found that heavy exercises such as jogging, swimming, playing tennis, aerobic dancing, can decrease risk to heart disease 20%. For medium exercises such as golf, walking, working, dancing, can decrease risk to heart disease 10%. Exercise makes our body create more HDL that can prevent us from heart disease.

Walking is an appropriate exercise for senior people or knee-ache person. If you are strong and need to burn more energy, you can walk fast, walk up steep or walk up stair.

Furthermore, you can walk together with your friends in the park or join other group. Try to set up the destination or time and walk together. A good pathway for walking exercise should be high-low hills and not hot.

Useful of walking fast exercise

  • Walking 1-3 hours/ week can decrease risk to heart disease 30%.
  • Walking 3 hours/ week can decrease risk to heart disease 35%.
  • Walking 5 hours/ week can decrease risk to heart disease 40%.
  • Walking fast causes less ankle and knee-ache.
  • Walking fast 20-60 minutes/ week can decrease stress.

How to do: the walking fast exercise

  • Even though walking causes less joint-ache, get your doctors consultant before do it especially high blood pressure or heart disease patient.
  • Listen to yourself, slow down or stop if you feel tired, dizzy or have chest pain etc.
  • Follow the exercise procedures; warm up by walking to add blood flow in your muscle and body. Stretch your muscle such as arms, legs, calves, shoulders. Start to walk fast until reaches the time set. Then, cool down by walking slowly for 5 minutes.
  • Park is a good place for exercise. It should have hill and flat pathway alternately and has tree shade.
  • If you are stronger, you can walk faster and swing your arms harder to burn more energy.