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Stress is a normal thing that can be found every day. If stress caused from fear or danger, hormones prepared for fighting will be produced. The indications shown is only physical symptoms such as high blood pressure, heart beat fast. Sometime we have stress without intention and unavoidable, the stress accumulated in our body and mind can cause heart disease.

Try to check whether you have below indications or not ?

1. Physical indications; Dizzy, sore muscle, bite teeth, indigestion, food tiresome, hard to sleep, heat beat fast, have a buzzing in the ear, cold hand, tired, have a diarrhea, constipated, colic, nauseous, uncomfortable breath, stomachache.

2. Mental indications; anxious, unable to make decision, forgetful, short concentration, no creativity, unable to learn new thing.

3. Emotional indications; angry easily, anxious, cry, depressed, discourage, moody, pessimistic, hard to sleep, bite nail or pull hair.

4. Behavioral indications; eat more food, have a smoking habit, be an alcoholic, change job more often, social separated.

Recommendation for a happy life when you feel stress
  1. Schedule sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Appropriate time for sleeping is at 10 pm. If you feel much stress, you will lose your body clock control ability. You feel it’s hard to sleep or easy to wake up. When you fix sleeping and waking up time, you have restarted the body the body clock working. You will be able to sleep normally if you feel less stress. This time adjustment might take 3 weeks. Sometime if you are tired to sleep up to 45 minutes, you should try reading book. One important thing is that you should let yourself be touched by morning sun to signal your body of time adjustment.
  2. If this indications occur, try to have a rest such as taking a vacation or managing working time, try to stop some low priority work or non-rush work.
  3. Have more vegetable to make your brain building more serotonin. This substance can decrease stress. You should also have enough vitamin and mineral.
  4. Regularly exercise.