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High blood flat

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Major cause of high blood fat level is hereditary. Fat, diabetes, heart disease patients have high risk of abnormal blood flat level. Besides taking pill for treatment, you must choose to eat and control your diet simultaneously to prevent high blood fat level.

Food for high blood flat person

  1. Have rice and carbohydrate food in suitable quantity and should have high fiber such as brown rice and home wheat bread.
  2. Low fat meat such as fish especially sea fish and meat.
  3. Food cooked from unsaturated oil such as soybean oil and corn oil.
  4. Food cooked by steaming, baking, boiling, spicy salad.
  5. Low fat milk.
  6. Egg white, can have every day. Whole egg, have twice a week.
  7. All type of vegetables and fruits. Eat less sweet fruits i.e. Durian, Lychee.
  8. Low sugar content food.
  9. Seafood can have twice a week.