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After you quit smoking for

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20 minutes          : Blood pressure starts to decrease and get back to normal level.

8 hours                 : Carbon monoxide level decreases and get back to normal level. Oxygen level increases and get back to normal status.

24 hours               : Less risk of heart attack.

48 hours               : Nerve tails start to grow again.

2-3 weeks           : Blood flow better. Lung improves 30%.

1-9 months         : Less cough and uncomfortable breath. Lung’s cilia new reborn and decrease infection.

5 years                 : Risk to coronary artery disease will be the same as normal person.

Stop Smoking and Coronary and Heart Disease

  1. Risk of coronary artery disease decreases 50% after you have stopped smoking for 1 year. It will also continue to decrease slowly after you have stopped smoking for 15 years just like non-smoker.
  2. Risk of death heart wall and heart attack decreases for those who has blood clot in coronary artery. From research, we found that risk of death before time decreased 50%.
  3. Risk of blood clot in other area of your body decreases such as leg.
  4. Risk of fatal rom brain’s blood clot and broken decreases to be the same as non-smoker after you stop smoking for 5 years and some might be after 15 years.