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Stop smoking, Serious harm prevention

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If you are smoking, you have to quit it right away. If you are starting to smoke, please hold it. Because stop smoking is a good way to prevent heart disease. Smoking with smoked cigarette or low nicotine level cigarette or cigar increases risk to heart disease. For those who are non-smoker, if you are nearby those who smoke, you still have high risk of heart disease just like smoker. Heart disease can be prevented if you take care of your own health.

When you smoke

  • Cigarette contains chemical substances more than 4,800 types which hazardous to your heart and coronary. It makes the coronary clot easier.
  • Cigarette makes your heart work harder due to blood clot in coronary that make your heart beat fast and has high blood pressure.
  • Women who smoke and take birth control pill simultaneously will have higher risk to heart disease.