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Circumcision program

Circumcision en


Circumcision…How necessary?

  • To allow the foreskin to retract when the child is older stopping local infection or urinary tract infection.
  • Convenience of cleaning
  • Religious rules

Circumcision program

Program Regular price Special price
Circumcision 16,000   12,500


1. This program includes •Operation room and recovery room fee •Medical equipment used during the operation •Medicines and medical supplies that are necessary during the operation
•Surgeon fee
2. This program excludes •OPD consultation fee •Treatment for underlying diseases and complications •Home medicines, medical supplies and laboratory tests
3. Agreement terms •The baby is born in Bangkok Hospital Pattaya •Have to return for the operation within 3 months after birth •Operation is performed under local anesthesia

Now until 31 December 2017