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Delivery Package

Delivery Package

Delivery Package  Hospital stay Price (THB)
Normal Delivery 2 nights 65,900
Caesarean section 3 nights 79,900
Caesarean section + Sterilization 3 nights 80,900
Caesarean section + Appendectomy 3 nights 94,900
Caesarean section + Sterilization + Appendectomy 3 nights 95,900

• To be eligible for this package, you have to visit the doctor for prenatal before 34 weeks and visit our doctor at least 4 times before delivery.

This price available from 1st April 2018 until 31 December 2018

This price includes

1. A private room and a nursery room for 1 baby
2. Nursing service and hospital service charges
3. Regular meals for mother and milk for baby (except special medical milk)
4. Obstetrician fee (package 1 – 5) Anesthesiologist fee (package 2-5) and pediatrician fee
5. Labour room and medical equipment used during the delivery
6. Nursing fee for assisting at the operation or delivery
7. Medicines and medical supplies for the mother and baby having no complications
8. Medical equipment used to monitor the baby’s condition for the first 6 hours after birth
9. Blood group test and Thyroid hormone level test for baby
10. First injection of BCG Vaccine and Hepatitis B Vaccine
11. Hearing screening test for baby
12. Pampers – 18 pieces
13. One set of items for the newborn
14.The hospital reserves the right to change the benefits and conditions without prior notice.


1.Available for mothers with a gestation period of not less than 37 weeks and with no complications during pregnancy and not a multiple pregnancy.
2.Where there are complications with the newborn such as jaundice, asthma etc., the hospital will make an additional charge.
3.Available for mothers with a gestation period of not less than 37 weeks and with no complications during pregnancy
4.Where a normal delivery package is chosen but needs to be converted to a caesarean package, this can be done. The hospital will charge for expenses incurred during the waiting time for the operation.
5.This packages are not available for the patient who wants to give birth between 4.30 p.m. and 8.00 a.m.
6.These packages are not applicable to the patients who opt to use insurance. Our doctors will not write the claim form if advance notification is not given. (The hospital will issue a receipt as one total price and cannot show the breakdown.)
7.These package prices are applicable for payment by cash or credit card only. This price cannot be used with other promotions or discounts.
8.The hospital reserves the right to change the special benefits and conditions without prior notice.

Be Confident when having your baby in our hospital
-              Our obstetricians, pediatricians and specialists will look after the mother and baby
-              International Standard Sterile Labor Room
-              The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  (NICU) where our pediatricians, nurses and staff have specific expertise in providing 24 hour medical care for newborns in critical conditions