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Saturday, 06 February 2016 11:32

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya,in cooperation with Manopap Co., Ltd provides Art Therapy


which consists of 2 activites as follows:
  • A free Art therapy activity for patients to learn and experience a heating atmosphere through various art forms. this is to promote the will to fight the illness and the chance to express emotion through the creative work, reduce obsessionover the illness, create enjoyment and reduce stress.
  • welcome independent artists and art students to join the project by allowing them to display their paintings, sculptures and art works inside the hospital building. this is to assist in the hospital's atmosphere so the patients can feel relaxed, create inspiration and creativity as an art gallery. It also provides a channel for the artists to display their works

For those who wish to purchase a displayed art item, you will be helping the underprivileged as some of the revenue will be donated to several foundations. You can choose to donate the money to a foundation of you choice from over 30.

Experience "Art Therapy" exhibition 2nd floor, E Building. During 17 September to 17 October 2013. Foundaions which consists of 2 activties as follows : For more information, please contact the curator Tel.08 1421 2012



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