Chivawattana MyHealth Membership

At Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, we believe that the right approach to living well begins with proper health management, awareness and prevention. That is why we created the Chivawattana MyHealth Membership Card - a healthy lifestyle savings program that offers special medical benefits to cardholders. The benefits are comprehensive - from general check-ups and diagnostic exams for early detection, to emergency services and advanced procedures involving state of the art technologies - giving you the power to choose the services that are right for you. Moreover, with the Chivawattana MyHealth Membership, you now have the freedom to use your membership at all 13 Bangkok Hospital Group locations throughout Thailand.*

Select your membership at the Perfect Diamond, Prime Platinum or Junior Card level, and join us on the path to great savings and better health!

Perfect Diamond
Prime Platinum
Value Gold
Discount on in-patient room rates (valid 7 days after card issued) 50% 40% 30% 40%
Discount on in-patient medical expenses (valid 7 days after card issued) 15% 15% 10% 12%
Discount on out-patient medical expenses (valid 7 days after card issued) 15% 15% 10% 12%
Complimentary Health Check-up (please consult your physical before examination) 2 Perfect Diamond Health Check-up Programs (value THB 15,400) and My Health Check-up Programs (value THB 5,000) Total valueTHB 35,800* A Prime Platimum Health Check-up Program (value THB 12,800) and a My Health Check-up Programs (value THB 5,000) Total value THB 17,800* A Value Gold Health Check-up Program value THB 5,000* 2 Junior Health Check-up Programs (value THB 800) Total value THB 1,600*
Discount on additional check-ups performed on the same day as the Chivawattana Health Check-up Program 15%* 15%* 10%*  
Discounts on special equipment that may be required for regularly priced check-ups (THB 500/time) 4 time Saving THB 2,000* 2 time Saving THB 1,000* 1 time Saving THB 500*  
Out-Patient Discount on doctor fees (value THB 200-250/time) 5 times (THB 250/time) Saving THB 1,250* 2 times (THB 250/time) Saving THB 500* 3 times (THB 200/time) Saving THB 600* 5 times (THB 200/time) Saving THB 1,000*
Special discount on In-patient Department (IPD) room rates for check-ups and in-patient admissions 4 days (THB 2,500/day) Saving THB 10,000* 2 days (THB 2,500/day) Saving THB 5,000* 2 days (THB 1,000/day) Saving THB 2,000* 2 days (THB 2,500/day) Saving THB 5,000
Special price on PET/CT Scan for early cancer detection 1st visit THB 53,000
2nd visit THB 45,000
3rd visit THB 40,000*
1st visit THB 53,000
2nd visit THB 45,000
3rd visit THB 40,000*
Discounts on Ambulance or Mobile CCU or Mobile ICU services throughout Thailand (value THB 500/credit) 6 credits (THB 500/credit) Saving THB 3,000* 4 credits (THB 500/credit) Saving THB 2,000* 2 credits (THB 500/credit) Saving THB 1,000* 4 credits (THB 500/credit) Saving THB 2,000*
Complimentary dental examinations 3 visits (THB 400/visit) Saving THB 1,200* 1 visit THB 400* 1 visit THB 400* 3 visits (THB 400/visit) Saving THB 1,200
Complimentary dental treatment (full mouth scalling with 2 bite-wings-x-ray) 1 visit (value THB 1,400 - 1,800)* 1 visit (value THB 1,400 -1,800)*    
Discounts on dental fees a following:
  • Prosthodontic, Esthetic dentistry, Dental implants (5%)
  • Scalling and Periodontics, Pedodontics, Operative dentistry, TMJ and Craniofacial pain, Endodontics (10%)
  • Other procedures
5% – 10% 5% – 10 5% - 10%

5% – 10%
(Child Dental)

Discount on diagnostic exam for heart disease with 256-slice CT scan (examines coronary arteries and calcium score) 3 visits (THB 6,500/visit) Saving THB 19,500* 2 visits (THB 6,500/visit) Saving THB 13,000* 1 visit THB 6,500*  
Discount on Exercise Stress Echo or Dobutamine Stress Echo (examines coronary arteries and calcium score) 2 visits (THB 1,800/visit) Saving THB 3,600*      
Discount on Exercise Stress Test (EST) or Echocardiography Cardio Parameters for Chest Pain 2 visits (THB 1,200/visit) Saving THB 2,400*      
Discount on Chivawattana membership for family members, or discount on cardholder's membership extension 5%      
Discount on vaccines (not including special vaccines, OPD only) 15% 15% 10% 12%
Discount on vaccines (not including special vaccines, OPD only)       5 visits (THB 200/visit) Saving THB1,000
Discount on Teeth Laser Whitening (Brite Smile Teeth Whitening) 3 times (THB 2,000/time) Saving THB 6,000* 3 times (THB 2,000/time) Saving THB 6,000* 1 times Saving THB 2,000*  
MEMBERSHIP FEE THB 30,000 THB 14,000 THB 5,000 THB 4,000
MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FEE THB 29,500 THB 13,500 THB 4,500 THB 3,500
  1. Charges may apply to services and discounts; please see member manual.
  2. Discount on in-patient room rates; valid in-patient room only; does not include labor, Observe, Nursery, ICU, CCU, Pre ICU, ASU, Double room, Trible room and Economy room, meals, nursing, hospital service and other charges.
  3. Discount does not include doctor fees, special equipment, medications, supplies, labs and other costs (Phyathai Hospital Group and Paolo Memorial Hospital Group will give the discount only for medicine).
  4. For In-patient room rate discounts, a flat rate is applied first, with the percentage discount applied to the balance.
  5. PET/CT Scan; the hospital reserves the right to claim these privileges in same person.
  6. For ambulance and mobile ICU/CCU, THB 500 discount credits may be combined up to THB 1,500 with the member paying the balance; if the actual cost is less than the discounted cost, the difference will not refunded;charges are calulated by distance.
  7. Dental discounts do not include special equipment, lab, supplies or medication costs .
  8. Some services are not available at all hospitals.
  9. Discounts cannot be combined and may not be used with other promotions.
  10. Only 2 membership cards (6 years of membership term) are allowed member.
  11. Starred (*) terms are tranferable.
  12. Chivawattana may alter any privilege without prior notice.
Participating Hospitals

Bangkok Hospital*.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket. Phyathai 2 Hospital

Bangkok Heart hospital*

Bangkok Hospital Samui Phyathai 3 Hospital

Wattanosoth Hospital*

Bangkok Hospital Hat Yai Phyathai Sriracha Hospital

Bangkok Hospital Prapadaeng

Bangkok Hospital Ratchasima Paolo Memorial Hospital Phaholyothin

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Bangkok Hospital Sukumvit Paolo Memorial Hospital Nawamin

Bangkok Hospital Rayong

Bangkok Hospital Srinakarin Paolo Memorial Hospital Chokchai 4

Bangkok Hospital Chantaburi

Bangkok Hospital Sriracha Paolo Memorial Hospital Samutprakarn

Bangkok Hospital Trat

BNH Hospital  

International Clinic Koh Chang

Phyathai 1 Hospital *Located at Bangkok Hospital, Soi Soonvijai 7, Bangkok