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    Health Insurance

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We have patients from all over the world from difference countries that carry a variety of insurance policies and coverage. We assist our patients to coordinate with their insurance providers in order to guarantee payment on their behalf.

To be more convenient for Health Insurance Policyholders, it is recommended to contact your insurance company to check your benefits, coverage and authorize when medical service is needed.

For In-patient service
  1. Please present the following on your arrival at the hospital
    • Passport and a copy of your passport with signature
    • Current medical insurance certificate or card
    • A copy of your insurance policy
    • And any other required by your insurance company to identify yourself
  2. Our international staff will assist you to coordinate with your insurance provider / assistance company / claim agents regarding the approval of guarantee of payment for your inpatient medical expenses (excluding personal expenses).
  3. The payment guarantee / confirmation will be faxed to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital normally within 24 hours if its policy covers. *However this may be delayed depending on
    • Verification process of each company
    • Not enough time to process the application, as the length of stay is too short
    • Differences in the Time Zone, Weekends or Bank Holidays
    • Pre-existing conditions or exclusions
    • Terms and conditions of your policy
    • Outpatient or follow up treatment
  4. If there is a delay and the documents are not produced until you have been discharged which we are unable to process any insurance claim, you are required to pay the hospital bill in full by cash or credit card and then file for reimbursement directly with your insurance company.
  5. You are required to pay the excess amount at the time of your discharge. There may be some expenses incurred that you are required to pay such as medical expenses or room rate that is over the limit allowed and personal expenses such as telephone calls, foreign newspapers that are beside of our complimentary, extra food or other services.

*Complete insurance information must be submitted during your admission. We will not process any insurance claims once the patient has been discharged.

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