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Robotic Hair Transplant

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Robotic Hair Transplant is a new innovation for professional use in hair transplantation. A robotic technology creates a high-definition stereoscopic vision system in Real time by dissecting depths and hair angles. 90% of the hairs that are selected and harvested are in a good condition as the hair root is covered with sebum.

The robotic hair transplant is created by Restoration Robotics Company in USA, and now wildly use around the world.

Comparison between FUT and FUE
fut1   fut2
Shave hair just only donor areas   Linear scars from FUT procedure
fue1   fue2
use needle size 1mm. grafting donor area   Linear scar after FUE procedure
before fue   after fue
Before   After


A Before and After photo of recipient area by FUE procedure

A robotic hair transplant will precisely select your best hair from the back of the head and preserve the donor area for a natural look without leaving scars.

fue after7days   fue after10days
Before / 7 days after procedure   After / 10 days after procedure
Permanent natural-looking result
before 14month   after 14month
Before   After procedure 14 months
before 12month   after 12month
Before   After procedure 12 months
before 9month   after 9month
Before   After procedure 9 months
before 9month1   after 9month1
Before   After procedure 9 months