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Het Orthopedics Center diagnostiseert en behandelt aandoeningen van de botten, gewrichten, banden en zenuwen alsmede trauma’s, spierweefsel problemen, sport blessures, hand en voet problemen etc.


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This is October, with the “octo” part relating to eight, like ‘octagon’ the eight sided shape. However, October is actually the tenth month of the year in our calendars.
One of my favorite messages goes : “A fence at the top of the cliff is better than an ambulance at the bottom!”
Heart Disease may happen without notice...
Influenza Vaccine is available to fight against four strains of influenza
Today, people are exposed to pollution which may cause illnesses. Some conditions, such as heart attacks, cancer, brain disease, give no warning symptoms but progress continuously.
Take care of your eyes. You only get one set.

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