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Chivawattana Perfect Diamond Card

For those wanting the most privileges from Chivawattana membership, our Perfect Diamond Card provides a wide range of benefits. Valid for 3 years.
30,000.00 (THB)

Chivawattana Prime Platinum Card

At the Prime Platinum level, we offer substantial savings in health care benefits, including cancer detection and diagnostic exams, medical fees. Valid for 3 years.
14,000.00 (THB)

Chivawattana Value Gold Card

บัตรอภิสิทธิ์แห่งความคุ้มค่า มอบสิทธิพิเศษสำหรับท่านสมาชิกคนสำคัญ Valid for 1 years.
5,000.00 (THB)

Chivawattana Junior Card

Laying a proper foundation for healthy living is essential to the development and wellness of your children. Keep your kids strong and healthy from head to toe with the Chivawattana Junior Membership and receive discounts on specially selected services tailored to each stage in their development. Valid for 3 years.
4,000.00 (THB)