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White teeth with home whitening (3 syringes of bleaching gel)

For every impressive smile
5,100.00 (THB)
  1. Home whitening (3 syringes of bleaching gel)
  1. Dental Packages are inclusive of dentist fee, dental supplies and hospital service charge.
  2. Dental scaling promotion does not include scaling for "Periodontal Disease"
  3. Dental X-ray promotion does not include an Imaging copy (150 baht/CD) and 7,100 baht/dental CT CD
  4. Please make an appointment in advance for the special packages at Dental and Implant Center, call +66 3890 9292
  5. This special price is available  1 Aug - 30 Sep 2020, and pre-paid can be used up to 31 Oct 2020