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Invisalign I7

Invisalign Service By the Orthodontists Freedom of beautiful smile. Clear orthodontic system so you can smile confidently. Tailor made to suit the individual.
87,000.00 (THB)
  1. Dental Packages are include of dentist fee, dental supplies and hospital service charge.
  2. Dental scaling promotion does not include scaling for "Periodontal Disease"
  3. Dental Packages Invisalign
    1. -Dose not include dental supply and hospital service charge.
        -Dose not include preparation before the invisalign i.e tooth fabrication, X-ray, tooth extraction, scaling or fillings.
          -Dose not include retainer to wear after completing the course.
          1. Dental X-ray promotion does not include an imaging copy (150 baht/CD) and (7,100 baht/dental CT CD)
          2. Please make an appointment in advance for the special promotion at Dental Cosmetic and Implant Center, call +66 3890 9292
          3. This special price is available from 1 Nov - 31 Dec 2020, and pre-paid can be used up to 28 Feb 2021