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Chivawattana Perfect Diamond Card

For those wanting the most privileges from Chivawattana membership, our Perfect Diamond Card provides a wide range of benefits. Valid for 3 years.
30,000.00 (THB)


18,250.00 (THB) 12,000.00 (THB)

Executive stroke screening package

1. Suitable for those aged over 45 years 2. Having underlying disease or family history of diabetic, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease and stroke. возраст - старше 45 лет, хронические заболевания, а также диабет, гипертония, болезни сердца и инсульт в семейном анамнезе.
23,000.00 (THB) 19,900.00 (THB)

Exercise Stress Test

*This test is suitable for those aged over 35 years.
3,500.00 (THB) 2,600.00 (THB)


3,700.00 (THB) 2,300.00 (THB)