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How to pay ?

Instruction (للنقل إلى لغة عربية إنقرهنا)

Thank you very much for your interest in Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. You'll find that buying on-line here is easy, fast and secure.

Description of the on-line payment process

The payment process on our site is very simple and should require no more than 2 or 3 minutes to complete all steps.

Step 1 – Register for membership

Please select your username and password and complete an application form by providing First Name, Last Name (as shown in your credit card), current address, contact phone number, and email address which will be used to automatically reply with confirmation of your payment.

Once you have completed the necessary fields, click "Confirm" and the system will confirm you username and password and send you a confirmation by email.

Then click “E-payment”

Step 2 – Select Payer type

Once you select the type you would like to payment including,

      1. Patient or Pay with patient

      2. Non-Patient or Pay with relative or others

Please fill out your information in the payment form and total amount you would like to pay, Click the "Submit” button for go to K-payment gateway, an online payment system by KASIKORNBANK

Step 3 – Credit Card Information

To complete purchase, you must fill out the credit card details including: Credit Card type (Visa or MasterCard), Credit Card Number (16 numbers on the face of your card), CVV2 code which is on the reverse side of your card, First and Last name of the card holder (as it appears on the card), and expiration date which appears on the face of your card.


We do not store your credit card information in our system. All payment details are immediately passed on to the credit card processing center. This policy helps us to secure your personal and credit card information against unauthorized use.

Once all payment details are completed, please click "Pay Now" and your credit card will be charged.

Step 4 - Payment and Confirmation

Your payment will be processed and your payment is confirmed. You will be directed to the Payment Confirmation Webpage. Congratulations, you have completed the online payment process. “Thank you webpage for your payment” will display on the payment screen.

Once your payment is confirmed, our system will automatically send you a payment confirmation email to the email address specified in your information profile.

Please check your email and print the confirmation from the Payment Confirmation page by clicking “Print”. Please bring your confirmation paper for our staff to get services at the hospital.

*** Please retain the confirmation details for your email records until you get service already.

Credit Card Security

       >> Sign Up Verified by VISA

       >> Sign Up MasterCard SecureCode

للنقل إلى لغة عربية إنقرهنا